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Most indica plants are native to the chilly mountains of India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The buds are dense and the leaves short and stocky. It gives a deep body high, enhancing the quality of sleep and relaxing the mind, which is why it is used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. It also stimulates your appetite and is responsible for the midnight munchie cravings.


Most popular sativas originate from Mexico, Thailand and Colombia. The plant grows tall with less bud density than indica plants. It is a mood uplifter and is especially known to be a stimulus for creativity. It helps to improve concentration and overall energy in the body. Sativas are useful for the treatment of depression.


Most of the cannabis available today is a hybrid of sativa and indica - dispensaries rarely have pure varieties. Hybrids are modified to get optimized benefits from both. These hybrids fall under Indica dominant - for pain relief, Sativa dominant - for boosting focus or Even - for bringing a calming effect to both mind and body.


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