Available in feminized seeds
Genetics: Runtz Clone-Only (Gelato x Zkittles)
Flowering: 8-9 weeks
Feminized seed packets include 6 seeds
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Genetics: Runtz Clone-Only (Gelato x Zskittles)
Type: Hybrid
Seed Type: Feminized
Flowering: 8-9 weeks
Yield: Good

Runtz is a hard to get yet insanely popular strain, and for a good reason. These seeds were made from an original clone-only Runtz. Some phenotypes will match the clone-only Runtz exactly, and some phenotypes will be very similar, but lean toward one of the parents.

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Flowering Time

8-9 Weeks




  1. Mattamus decimus Meridius (verified owner)

    So this is the first strain I grew from Elev8. I was unsure of what to expect from this seed-bank as all offer differing quality genetics. Some breed their own phenos like Elev8, etc. so unlike with clones, with seeds, it can be a needle in a haystack finding that pheno that made the strain popular in the first place. That being said, I’ve never tried the original Runtz strain so I don’t have the original to compare from. What I DO know is how this pheno turned out for me from Elev8. I believe I ordered 6 fem seeds if I’m not mistaken. I grew them in the only place in my yard that I can grow cannabis, which is under some large oaks trees in partial shade almost all day long. Only about an hour of direct sunlight. The strain grew small medium sized as I kept it in a small outdoor smart pot since I put it out late last season for various reasons. The. It’s we’re not super dense, but I attribute that the partial shade location I grew in addition to an experiment of using only water and no fertilizers. I used one compost tea in mid flower and that was it. I wanted to see what this train just with basicAlly only water, grown in soil in partial shade outdoors. And the result: SUPER FROSTY BUDS. I mean so frosty that when i break a cured nug in half thc dust poofs off and sprinkles down.

    I can only imagine what this strain might do under better conditions with an organic feeding regimen. All I have to say is so far I’m pretty impressed.

    The strain grew SUPER funky and finicky but in the end produced frosty tasty nugs. I I believe some of the finickyness of the grow was due to my errors as I had a lot going on and neglected these plants early on in the seedling veg stage.

    I also have some thin mints GSC from them that I’m looking forward to growing now. I think I have a few Runtz seeds left too. Which reminds me I planted 3 of the 6 seeds and 2 popped with vigor and one was kind of a dud which honestly didn’t bother me. That happens and I don’t think and sees bank or strain should be held to a 100% germination expectation. That’s just ridiculous. Though if a seedbank wants to reimburse for did seeds that’s always nice but for me not something I expect and certainly not something that makes me mad when it happens. As long as most of the germ I’m good with that.

    Fast hitting, good hybrid feel, gassy/fuel, nice sugary at the end. There may be the slightest of fruity taste in there but I get more of a fuel/sugary thing goin on. My nugs are strait dark purple. As I let them go to late October to promote the purple color with some of the cold night in mid and late October.

    Happy growing everyone! I know that was a long review but hope that helps if you’re in the fence to get this strain or not. I’d say go for it! I hardly did anything all summer to it. I mean literally almost did nothing, no joke and the strain was oozing crystals and odor. It smelled up the entire yard with only one plant as I accidentally let my second plant die. Try this strain out!

  2. Biker Paralegal

    Runtz made the Leafly 2020 strain of the year and for good reason. Perfect for the true connoisseur. A quick hitting and long lasting good time follows every bong hit.

  3. Bryan Betancourt (verified owner)

    Just Bought my first pack of seeds I got the runts first time growing seeds anyone have any advice that I can have much appreciated! Thanks

  4. Ryan Pahang (verified owner)

    Just got my seeds today in my doorstep and there was a shoemark on the envelope my seeds came in so I was worried it was crushed. Thank God they weren’t! They were inside a tiny ufo looking hard plastic. I placed them inside cup with water and sealed the cup. Only concern I have is there are 2 regular-size seeds, 2 medium-sized seeds and two small seeds..

  5. Rob (verified owner)

    The Runtz Strain is undefeated in my garden the terps on this is so fruity and gas I’m talking stupid loud and stupid strong bag appeal amazing with the purple and orange colors all over hands down the frostiest strain I’ve grown 10 out of 10 for me

  6. Nicholas

    Yo not sure what’s going on with these reviews I personally have only had one pack of thin mint cookies fems and they all popped all females and out of six I ended up with two keepers that’s damn good.
    I wish some of these guys could practice better growing methods so we can get an honest review. None the less I read the comments on the runtz strain and the comments sent me in too a Rant so now I’m purchasing the runtz strain

  7. Romeo

    Bought 6 runtz seeds and all 6 are growing nice and strong!!!

  8. Michelle (verified owner)

    Its strange to hear people say their seeds dont germinate. Every single seed I’ve gotten has popped. But I just put them in cups of soil, nothing fancy. So far I’ve gotten thin mints, lemon funk and the Runtz.
    The Runtz babies are beautiful! I topped them once and they shot off so many arms! Moving them from veg to flower next week and I cant wait to see how they turn out!
    If I had one complaint it would be that they have not stabilized some of the strains. As in I got vastly different phenos from each strain. However thats something Im looking forward to with the runtz and not always a bad thing!

  9. richard neal fridley (verified owner)

    yeah but you had to buy two packs of seeds to get the”FREE”seeds their genetics compared to other seedbanks is phenomenal there seeds produce quality and are outstanding the ones I’ve ordered and I’ve ordered a lot of different packs from them they should have just sent out a pack of seeds to those that ordered runtz of my 5 runtz 1 -still have 3-didnt sprout nothing 1- started slow it was a runt but it came alive and turned into a beautiful plant its f……killer but i dont have 2hundred dollers to spend to get a pack of ‘FREE’ seeds at least thats what i was told when i contacted them about it you had to buy 2 packs of seeds enter a code to get “FREE” pack of seed it sucked because i dont have the money to spend to get my “FREE” pack of seeds so im out of luck. But hey there seeds are the best on the internet i love sundae punch is awasome as is gorilla cookies etc.etc. its all A+ except runtz deal

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