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Alchimia Grow Shop was born from the idea of ​​opening a place from which to sell material for the "canna grower" and the marijuana user, but also with the firm intention of disseminating information on the self-cultivation of marijuana and cannabis culture , also offering cultivation advice, a lot of passion and a desire to share.

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The Seed Cellar was officially established in 2016. They now carry over 90 breeders and 3500 different genetics including Elev8 Seeds.



Their idea was to create a place where they could showcase both the biggest names and best breeders in the game. That is why they created United Seed Bank: to bring quality. That way, they can properly support the breeders and strains that are constantly pushing the standards higher and higher.

Pure Altitude Seed Bank


At Pure Altitude they are enthusiastic about what they do! Their goal is to provide a fun and easy atmosphere for an unforgettable shopping experience.They proudly employ talented, reputable and experienced breeders for all of their seed strains.All their staff members are knowledgeable about the products they offer and are well trained.​

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Adrian Indoor Garden was founded in 2020 a sister company to Toledo Indoor Garden established in 2009. With over 20 years of combined experience of indoor growing and hydroponics.

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