(Magic Melon x Cake & Ice Cream)

We love this photo by @evokcannabis

How to Get Featured
as our Photo of the Month!

Our customers send us amazing pictures of our products, and we want to send back the love! Get featured on our website and get a free pack of seeds! Go to Instagram and use our hashtag #elev8seeds for a chance to win.

In order to be eligible for Photo Of The Month your post has to have all of the below:

  • High resolution, in focus picture of a flower in growth (no buds)
  • Avoid background noise that isn’t organic (hands, grow equipment, people, ect.)
  • Has to be an Elev8 Genetics strain
  • The name of the strain in the post
  • Use our hashtag #elev8seeds

You will receive a message via Instagram you if you win – We can’t wait to see what you grow!

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