Welcome to
Elev8 Seeds

A Cannabis Genetics Company

Welcome to Elev8 Seeds
A Cannabis Genetics Company

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Nov POTM Electric.Lettuce M2


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(Sri Lankan x Original Thai (extinct) X Acapulco Gold x (South African x Original Haze)

We love this photo by @electric.lettuce

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Elev8 Seeds is known for creating and developing award winning strains, guaranteeing you the best experience.

Early in our growing experience, it did not take long to realize the quality of the genetics is going to decide the quality of the outcome. After spending thousands of dollars on seeds, it was obvious that by far the vast majority of the seeds out there are mediocre at best. After investing years of building relationships with some very talented breeders and growers, we have obtained some of the best genetics in existence. Elev8 Seeds’ mission is simple: to provide the best genetics in seed form to those that know the value of world-class genetics.

Our decision at Elev8 Seeds to carry a strain depends on whether we believe that strain to be a definite β€œkeeper”.Β By working with large medical marijuana growers, we at Elev8 Seeds have had the opportunity to compare countless strains side by side in the same environment to find that top 1% that people search so hard for.

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"It has been a great experience from registration to check out . The guys have answered any questions I had for them and shipped my purchases right away. I received them quickly and would like to thank you guys again."
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Charles Yaeger
Great Experience
" Always a pleasure to deal with Elev8. Quick turnaround, helpful, and knowledgeable staff. Great genetics and an American location. Don't forget incredible deals and prices. How can it get better?"
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Ron Robertson
Incredible Deals
"I've purchased 4 different strains from the guys at Elev8 and have not been disappointed! There's so many other breeders and as someone not in the mix I didn't know who to trust, until now!"
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Bob E Bishop
New Customer
"Out of every seed company I bought from you have been the best, thank you for being a solid company. I will let everyone know how amazing Elev8 is, and do my best to show the world how great your genetics are. Elev8 out shines the rest."
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Chris M
Solid Company
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