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Kenneth George
Kenneth George I appreciate your kindness
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“I just want you gentlemen to know how much I appreciate your kindness. I am a 73 yr old who has been battling cancer for 7 yrs. The plants I grow help in many ways. There are so many online merchants that don't care about customers they have never met, and once they get paid, they don't care about making things right. Your company doesn't appear to act in such a manner. It would be my pleasure to let people know they are dealing with an honest and reputable company. I highly recommend Elev8 if you're shopping for seeds. Very professional service team, honest and trustworthy. Customer service is quick to respond, and very courteous. And they carry many unique strains. Thanks, again.”
Charles Yeager
Charles YeagerGreat Experience
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"It has been a great experience from registration to check out . The guys have answered any questions I had for them and shipped my purchases right away. I received them quickly and would like to thank you guys again."​
Ron Robertson
Ron RobertsonIncredible Deals
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" Always a pleasure to deal with Elev8. Quick turnaround, helpful, and knowledgeable staff. Great genetics and an American location. Don't forget incredible deals and prices. How can it get better?"
Bob E Bishop
Bob E BishopNew Customer
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"I've purchased 4 different strains from the guys at Elev8 and have not been disappointed! There's so many other breeders and as someone not in the mix I didn't know who to trust, until now!"
Chris M
Chris MSolid Company
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"Out of every seed company I bought from you have been the best, thank you for being a solid company. I will let everyone know how amazing Elev8 is, and do my best to show the world how great your genetics are. Elev8 out shines the rest."
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