Alien Otto


Available in feminized seeds.
Genetics: Elev8 Breeding Auto x Toofless Alien
Type: Autoflower
Flowering: 70 days from seed
Feminized seed packets include 6 seeds (AFALO-F)
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Genetics: Elev8 Breeding Auto x Toofless Alien
Type: Autoflower
Seed Type: Feminized
Yield: Good
Flowering: 70 days from seed

Alien Otto is a high quality autoflower that primarily likes to stay short with big chunky frosty buds. Our Elev8 breeding Auto is a large yielding OG dominate auto strain.

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(Autoflower) (Elev8 Breeding Auto x Toofless Alien)

Seed Type

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Flowering Time

70 Days from Seed




  1. Howard Todd Isom (verified owner)

    I love this all auto flower.
    Third time growing it.
    This is the only plan I’ve never had a problem with..
    Since I have limited space I decided to make this the only plant that I will grow.

  2. Mark Hoekstra

    So far so good. They stay short and very chunky the buds are beautiful and huge. I’m drying them now as in all autoflowers the buds are not already at the same time so I have only done the first picking of my first plant and I am very impressed up to this point.

  3. JimJ

    Because of limited growing space, I only grow Auto Flowering marijuana.
    On a recommendation from my seed bank, I was told to grow your Alien Otto.
    Since this strain is fairly new; there is no helpful information on the web.
    This one is so much fun to grow.
    She does stay low, but grows very vigorously.
    DO NOT panic when they immediately go into flower. By immediately; I mean within a week and a half to 2 weeks you will start to see flowering characteristics.
    The Aroma as they grow is very unique and very pleasant.
    As stated in the first review this smokes like nothing I have had. Taste is off the chart.
    The buzz comes on subtle, then packs a narcotic punch.
    To the Genetics personnel at Elev8,
    This strain had me so excited that I immediately bought your Shadow OG Auto.
    If that strain is like it’s sister; the you folks are hitting it out of the park.
    Keep up the great work for us Auto Growers.

  4. John s.

    Im amazed at the potency of this strain. 😳👊☄️ Ive always shied away from autos but this one made a believer out of me.
    Shadow OG is next on the list.

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