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Strawberry Snow Cone is a heavy yielding sativa that will make a room smell like sour strawberries. The smell is loud and the flavor is unbelievably delicious and unlike anything I have encountered in another plant.


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  • Type: Sativa
  • Flowering Time: 8 weeks
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Potency: Extremely Potent
  • Genetics: Sour Diesel IBL X Strawberry Cough
  • Seed Type: Regular

Strawberry Snow Cone is a heavy yielding sativa that will make a room smell like sour strawberries. The smell is loud and the flavor is unbelievably delicious and unlike anything I have encountered in another plant.

When I was working with our IBL Sour Diesel line, I discovered an exceptional male. A friend who was also a breeder had a highly coveted and protected Strawberry Cough that he didn’t give out to anybody. His SC produced 2-liter bottle sized powerfully fragrant colas. We discovered this awesome plant from that cross.

The Sour Diesel male added sour but did not add any diesel. For this cross, that was exactly what I was looking for. The sour compliments the strawberry perfectly.

When handling the plant, even touching the stems and leaves will leave your hands coated with sticky, strawberry smelling resin. For people that think taste is important to them, this is a strain that is a must try.

GROWERS NOTE: Very little stretch.


  1. J rizzle

    This strain has to be one of my favorite of all has more than exceeded my expectations the smell and taste in my opinion are better than any other strawberry i have encountered in my years of growing.the seeds showed up very fast and discreet as promised.i only popped 6 of the seeds every one of them made it i had five female and one male i couldnt believe it.that wasent even the best part the best part was the beautiul plants that stunk up my whole room like sour strawberrys.i would definatley recommend this strain for anyone wanting a true strawberry strain as this is among my top strains of all times and the yield just puts this over the top. I would def purchase these or other seeds from here as my encounter has been 100%.thanks for the amazing work keep it up

  2. Gardenswrestler (verified owner)

    All 12 seeds popped and are all healthy plants more or less a month old, 1 already showing a female preflower 🙂 I have a while before I am done vegging, and start to flower. But just in veg the plants have a great Sour fruit armoa. I am writing this review now just because I feel Elev8 Deserves one after all 12 of 12 Seeds Became plants, and are all healthy..No runts or anything.

  3. S

    I have grown many of the supposed super sour strawberry strains. This is the loudest by far. It is almost unbearably sour (ALMOST), but the taste and smell sweetens up a bit upon cure and is very nice. Very frosty with nice light color and decent to great bag appeal. These Elev8 strains have really impressed me, and this one is no exception!

  4. Seedhound1

    This is one of the LOUDEST!!! Strains I have ever seen. It surprised all of the most experienced growers in my area including myself. I have been growing for around 20 years and I am very impressed. I have not had a nice strawberry strain since my boy grew the fire strawberry cough years ago. Cudos to Elev8 seeds and there breeders, they are beasts!!! I will definitely be buying more beans from this company. Thanks again for the fire!!!

  5. Gardenswrestler (verified owner)

    Update: Coming 4 Females Right Now, 1 Of them is a haze looking phenome, 1 Smells Exactly Like Sour Strawberries and is 1 week ahead of all the others. Definetly a 8 Week Strain. The other one smells like sweet strawberry perfume, and the other I can’t really explain the smell, But all of them are super healthy, Super Frosty. I can’t wait until these are done. This strain is Cannabis Cup Quality. By Far my favorite is the Fast Flowering SSC Phenome. The smell makes me want to slap someones Grandmother, BIG dense Nug Structure Too… I can’t wait until these babies finish so I can give Elev8 a Picture Of this BaD girls Potential.

  6. Gardenswrestler (verified owner)

    Its a small world, I didn’t realize until after I had the seeds, but Paul from Puregrow, I am friends with his mom, from the gym. I actually went to his house one time, like 4 or 5 years back and met one of the original Z boys from Dog Town. Its crazy that I bought and ordered this strain, then realized the person who actually grew it and had pictures, I Met once….Small Word

  7. Gardenswrestler (verified owner)

    Amazing Smell, Nice Flavor , Beautiful looking nugs…. But they didn’t have the potency or the yield of other strains I have grown in the past. one of my four girls really hit the spot, I named this pheonome sour rock candy, but other 3 where lacking as far as potency. and the nugs where big, but not very dense except for one phenotype where they where rock hard, but smaller nugs. this strain did not yield well for me compared to strains in the past. It had the best flavor of any I have grown, but as far as yield and effect it just wasn’t there on this strain. yielded 1/2 of the other 3 strains I ran before.

  8. Gardenswrestler (verified owner)

    Ok, so to do the strawberry snowcone justice since my last review, I gave a clone to a friend who did it outdoor, and it really kicked with potency and effect, so It must of been me and not the strain who was lacking. It does have a super strawberry taste.

  9. Jason Gose

    This is my second favorite strain right now (my first being Pink Gorilla). This one is growing great for me; I’m not seeing _any_ stretch and the buds are massive. The strawberry flavor and smell have a real range depending on the soil and nutrients you feed her.
    My first go round I tried a simple organic soil mix from Lowes (orange bag) and only a minimal amount of (basic) nutrients gave me a harvest that was more sour than strawberry and boy oh boy it was so smooth 🙂
    My second batch used a mix of soils (happy frog mostly) and a nutrient mix that’s more for cannabis… the strawberry flavor and taste became way more pronounced and still had a noticeable sour taste and stayed super smooth.
    I’m still figuring out the best soil and nutrient mix to use, but it seems like any way I treat this strain gives me great tasting flower at the end.
    All my batches have been coated nicely in trichomes and just look like there were dusted with frosting by the time they’re dried and starting to cure.

    If you like strawberry or sour, then you’ll probably enjoy this one.

    Just don’t even worry about it and order some of these great seeds today 🙂

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