Anyone who has ever consumed marijuana owes it all to the female part of the marijuana plants. Many growers are now using feminized marijuana seeds in order to get as much flower as possible. Growing marijuana from regular instead of feminized marijuana seeds isn’t efficient. It would be like Starbucks throwing out every second cup of coffee that they made. Growing from feminized marijuana seeds gives you just the flower to harvest and use for marijuana.

Feminized marijuana seeds you should try growing in your garden

Elev8 Seeds is dedicated to providing customers with the best genetics in seeds. We understand that our customers are looking for top quality feminized marijuana seeds to create the best possible medicines.

Here are a few of our feminized marijuana seeds:

  • Blackberry Dream: This can be harvested in nine weeks. If you like to use phosphorus supplements for growing, we recommend waiting until around week eight: this strand doesn’t like the salt buildup.
  • Gorilla Cookies: The taste and smell is very strong and unique. It is a combination of Gorilla Glue and Thin Mint, creating the delicious taste that coats your mouth. We recommend planting the feminized marijuana seeds somewhere it has the ability to stretch as it grows.
  • Sour Patch Kiss: This strain has an excellent yield. It’s delicious and smells just like the sour patch candy. This is a combination of Kimbo Kush and Sour Kush.
  • Sundae Punch: The rare strain of Sundae Driver is mixed with purple punch to create a sweet and smooth taste. *This cross of feminized marijuana seeds is still in the process of being tested. We have released it now due to the high demand.

If you are ready to put your green thumb to use and plant some feminized marijuana seeds, contact us today and we can find just the seeds you’re looking for.