Why You Should Choose Feminized Marijuana Seeds For Growing

Why should you buy your marijuana at the dispensary when you can grow your own? You can be in control and become a master gardener in marijuana. You can personalize and ensure that your plants are grown to your specifications. You can make sure that there are no pesticides, fertilizers or any other harmful chemicals that can compromise the growing of your marijuana seeds. There are several different types of seeds to choose from for growing: indica, feminized, reguilar, sativa, and hybrids.

Why feminized marijuana seeds are the best for growing

When you choose to grow marijuana from feminized seeds, you can expect to grow one plant per planted feminized seed. Feminized seeds also produce more seeds that can be used to plant more flowering plants.

Where can you find feminized marijuana seeds for growing?

Elev8 Seeds is a seed bank dedicated to creating top quality feminized marijuanna seeds for you to grow. Here are a  few of the feminized marijuanna seeds that we offer:

  • Blackberry Dream: This has a heavy yield, and its flowering time is between nine and ten weeks. This comes with 12 regular seeds and six feminized seeds.
  • Gorilla Cookies: We’ve combined Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4 to create Gorilla Cookies. The flowering time is between eight to nine weeks. It comes with 12 regular seeds and six feminized seeds.
  • Sour Patch Kiss: This strain has a good yield and tastes like sour candy. The flower time for the Sour Patch is eight to nine weeks. This also comes with 12 regular seeds and six feminized seeds.

Contact us today at Elev8 Seeds and find the right feminized marijuana seeds to grow. Get ready for a heavy yield of your favorite marijuanna flavors without the added chemicals.  

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