Where to Find Gelato Punch Seeds

You’ve been growing your own marijuana plants for a while, and things are going great. You’re getting a good yield of flowers and the plants are thriving. But you’re wanting to try some new seeds, but how do you know which one would be best to try next? 

Elev8 Seeds offers a wide variety of seeds for growing and consuming 

We have taken the genetics of famous strains and enhanced them to create new and exciting strains to grow in your home for the adventurer looking for something new and different to try. 

  • Gelato Punch Seeds: Our top recommended seeds are our Gelato Punch seed. We have taken the ever famous Gelato (cross from Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie) and Purple Punch (cross strain of Grandaddy Purple and Tahoe OG) to create the delicious taste of Gelato Punch. It has so much flavor that the Gelato Punch tastes like a sweet sherbet with hints of blueberry and orange flavors. Not only does the Gelato Punch taste amazing, but its smells great as well. Gelato Punch has the effects of leaving you feeling relaxed and happy, 
  • Sherbet Cookies: Much like our Gelato Punch Seeds, Sherbet Cookies have a sweet taste and smell. This is the cross strain of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scouts, the same strain used in creating Gelato. The Sherbet Cookies also has a strong, sweet citrus and berry taste and smell. Sherbet Cookies will help you feel relief from stress and leave you happy. 

By taking the sherbets, cookies, gelato, and punch strains we have created a strain that is not only pleasing to taste but smells amazing while growing as well. Both are fairly easy to grow from the comfort of your own home. They each give a very heavy yield after approximately eight to nine weeks. 

If you’re ready to try a new strain of cannabis seeds, give our Gelato Punch and Sherbet Cookie seeds a try. They will leave your home smelling sweet and fruity. Contact us for more information on our great cross strain seeds if you’re trying to decide if these are right for you. 

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