What Are Wedding Cake Seeds?

When you’re looking for strands of seeds to buy for either growth or consumption, Wedding Cake Seeds should be toward the top of your list. Wedding Cake Seeds are also known as Pink Cookies. Wedding Cake Seeds is the cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. In order to fully understand the great benefits of Wedding Cake Seeds, let’s take a closer look at the parent strains.

Girls Scout Cookies

The Girl Scout Cookies strain originally began in California and soon became well-known throughout the US. The potential medical benefits of taking the Girl Scout Cookie seeds are reduced stress and feelings of relief from depression. Consuming the Girl Scout Cookie strain will leave you feeling extremely happy, relaxed, and euphoric.

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie has buds that are dense and full with sweet and sour smells just like Cherry Pie. The effects of taking the Cherry Pie strain are known to come on strong and fast and lasts for a couple hours. Cherry Pie can help relieve stress, depression, and pain. Much like Girl Scout Cookies, using the strain Cherry Pie will have you giggly, euphoric, and relaxed in a matter of minutes.

The benefits of Wedding Cake Seeds

Taking the best of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie seeds, we created Wedding Cake Seeds, a must to help relieve stress and depression. Since both Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie leave you relaxed and euphoric, Wedding Cake Seeds get the best from both and gives you a stronger feeling of euphoria and relaxation. At Elev8 Seeds we have taken this great Wedding Cake Seed and combined it with Purple Punch to create Punch Cake.

Are you ready to feel the relaxation and euphoric effects of Wedding Cake Seeds or any of our other amazing seeds? Contact Elev8 Seeds today to get the seeds you need or shop around our website to see all the unique and different seeds we offer.

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