Top Quality Gelato Seeds

WIth so many different strains and brands of cannabis seeds out there, how do you know which strain is right for you? Elev8 Seeds is one of the top cannabis seeds stores in America. We have taken strains that everyone loves and placed them together to create an explosion of flavors and smells. Whether you choose to grow or consume our cannabis seeds, we guarantee that they are all at a high standard of quality. One of our more famous strains is the Gelato seed. 

What is Gelato?  

Gelato is also known in the cannabis seed community as “Larry Bird.” The Gelato is a hybrid cannabis seed strain from the genetics of the Thin Mint Cookie and Sunset Sherbet. It’s name Gelato comes from the fruity and dessert-like aroma it releases when it’s flowering. Its flavor is also said to be much like that of sherbet ice cream with a fruity flavor. 

What are the benefits of the Gelato strain? 

Much like any type of cannabis plant or seed, you can always feel some type of relief from pain when used properly. Here are a few of the benefits you can have from the hybrid Gelato strain: 

  • Emotional Effects of Gelato: Gelato will leave you feeling very relaxed and happy. It will also bring out the more creative side in you. 
  • Medical Effects of Gelato: Our hybrid strain will help relieve stress. It can also uplift your spirits and help remove the fog of depression. In addition it can also help relieve pain and headaches. 

We didn’t just stop at creating Gelato, we took it one step further and also took our Gelato strain and crossed it with Purple Punch to bring you the exciting flavor of Gelato Punch. If you enjoy our Gelato, then you will also enjoy our Gelato Punch as well. 

Contact our hybrid experts today to find our more about our Gelato  seed strain or any of our other amazing seed strains we offer.

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