Elev8 Seeds is a marijuana seed bank that specializes in creating marijuana seed strains ready for growing.Whether you prefer to do your growing indoor or outdoor, these are a few of the top marijuana seeds strains that are great for growing. These are some of our top selling seeds:

  • Bruce Banner OG: These are the first generation cross. They can result in an unusually vigorous plant ensuring high quality marijuana. This marijuana seed strain is a specific phenotype cross of Bruce Banner #3. Here are some reviews of our Bruce Banner:
    • “I grew out this strain and very impressed with genetics, favor, look, and smell thc content. It has it all if you like og kush strains; love this stuff…thank you for offering great seeds truly.”
    • “I’m grateful for choosing this strain for my first grow. Not only did my conditions allow 100% germination, but this strain can old a lot of stress… They are very forgiving and am grateful for all they have taught me.
  • Gorilla Cookies: The taste and smell of this marijuana seed strain is strong and unique. This strain likes to stretch so be sure to plant accordingly. This marijuana seed strain is a cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. It’s flowering process takes anywhere from eight to nine weeks. These are a few reviews that satisfied growers have left:
    • “These beans produce some of the most vigorous cookie plants I’ve ever seen! They LOVE being topped and bent and topped some more! The trichome production is UNREAL! The yield is as beautiful as the flower!”
    • “One of my a time favorites a true 10 for 10. This train has it all; smell, taste, and potency. Lil’ tricky to grow zero tolerance for stress, but when done correctly it’s a 5 star bud.”

Contact us today and get your seeds so you can start growing your very own marijuana seed strains. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, we can help you find quality seeds to start growing.