You’ve decided to grow your own medical cannabis and are ready to find the seeds that are right for you. Growing your own medical cannabis can be exciting and save you several trips back and forth from the dispensary. How do you begin growing your medical cannabis seeds?

  1. Choose your medical cannabis seeds. There are several different types of seeds to choose from: sativa, indica, feminized, and many more. You need to decide what strains have helped provide you the relief that you’ve needed. If you liked the Gorilla Glue from the dispensary, then the Gorilla Glue seeds are the ones for you.
  2. Where will you be growing your medical cannabis seeds? If you are growing your plants inside, then you need to find medical cannabis seeds that don’t grow to a monstrous size. If you can plant in the backyard, then you can get the larger size strands and get a much bigger yield during harvest.
  3. Natural elements that your medical cannabis seeds need. Just like any normal plant, you need light, water, and good temperature. However, there are a few other elements needed in growing the best medical cannabis plants.
    • Light: Medical cannabis plants need 18 hours per day when in the vegetative stage and 12 hours of light in the flowering stage. If you are planning on growing outdoors, seeds should be germinated in the spring. If you are growing indoor strains, the vegetative and flowering stages can be controlled with the help of a timer.
    • Air: Each medical cannabis plant needs fresh air. This is no problem if planted outdoor, but if you choose indoor, then you need some sort of fresh air intake.
    • Temperature: Medical cannabis plants are sturdy plants but medical cannabis seeds grow best in temperatures that range from around 70-80 degrees F. Seeds can be frozen for long term storage but should be kept away from moisture or heat.

Elev8 Seeds can help discuss which medical cannabis seeds can thrive in your environment. Contact us today and let us find the right seeds to thrive in your climate.