The Top Cannabis Seed Bank in the US and Canada

Elev8 Seeds is dedicated to providing our customers only top quality cannabis seeds to our customers in the US and Canada. We determine what our goals are before we start breeding. We may have a tasty indica, and we decide to add some sativa to create the perfect explosion of flavor. We search through a large network of breeders and growers to ensure that our breeding process helps keep us as the top provider of cannabis seed banks. If we don’t feel that the strains we’ve created would be considered world-class, we scrap that project until we find the world-class flavor worthy of our customers. Once we feel that our seed bank has created an exceptional effect, potency, taste, smell, and appeal, only then will we release the strain.

Our seed bank offers five different types of seeds:

  • Regular
    • 2 Scoops: We created 2 Scoops by taking T-Bud and T-Fly Genetics. The taste and smell is reminiscent of orange push pops.
    • Dreamsicle: Our goal was to retain the flavor and smell of Sherbet but increase the frost and potency of Dreamsicle with the Starfighter
  • Sativa:
    • Bruce Banner OG: This is renowned as one of the most powerful strains in our seed bank. This is a cross between Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush.
    • Strawberry Snow Cone:  This will make your garden smell like sour strawberries. The smell and flavor are unlike anything we’ve encountered in our seed bank.
  • Hybrid:
    • Spaceman: Prepare to be happy with our Spaceman hybrid. It leaves you happy and relaxed without any of the couchlock. Its parent strains are Cinex and Yeti OG.
    • Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies: A cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies leaves a sweet minty aroma in the air.
  • Indica
    • Gelato Punch: Indica dominant: this strain is a cross of Purple Punch and Gelato #33.
    • Lemon Snow Cone: This is one of the loudest, lemonies in seed form. This is a cross strain of Lemon Tree and Super Lemon Haze.
  • Feminized
    • Harlequin: This strain has a high CBD strain. It can help with PTSD, chronic pain, arthritis, and anxiety.
    • Tangerine Cookies: This has been tested at 5.5 terpenes and 28.7 THC. The effects of this strain can help you stay energized, happy, and extremely potent.  

Purchase your seeds from the top cannabis seed bank in the US and Canada. Call today to have one of our employees help you find the best brands in our seed bank or enjoy browsing the website to see all of the amazing seed strains we offer.

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