The Best Cannabis Seed Breeders

You’ve been wanting to grow cannabis for a while, but never really knew where to start. Elev8 Seeds has been creating and breeding cannabis seeds for years. We have spent many hours and a ton of money on finding the right seeds for growing. We have achieved in breeding some of the best genetics in existence. Our mission is simple: we want to provide the best genetics in seed form to those that know the value of world-class seed  genetics.

Here are what a few of our satisfied breeders have said about our best cannabis seeds:

  • Gorilla Cookies: “These very dense gems of super frostiness smell so good. In addition, the flavor is powerful, but without harshness, and the smoke expands in the lungs. This potent stuff has a relaxed effect on the body and mind, yet the mind stays clear and active.”
  • Blackberry Dream: “I remember clearly the first time I smelled and tasted Blackberry Dream. The rich earthy smell with a hint of spice and blackberry was mind blowing and the buzz can only be described as a comfortable relaxed body with a sharp, clear, creative, and powerfully euphoric mind. For me, the effect was very memorable, unique, and unlike anything I have ever tried in my life…thinking back it was almost opiate and dream-like for lack of a better way to describe it. This is my favorite strain to smoke. “
  • Cinex: “This is one of my favorite social strains. I have tried many other sativa dominant strains but very few can match the euphoric, social state of mind. This is an awesome strain. In my opinion, it would be a loss to not bring the seeds to the growing community outside the Northwest.”

Ready to grow some of the best bred cannabis seeds? Contact us today at Elev8 Seeds, and we can help you find the best strain to grow in your garden.

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