How to Grow Feminized Cannabis Seeds Indoors

You’ve always been a bit of a green thumb and have wanted to try growing feminized cannabis seeds. Elev8 Seeds has a wide variety of feminized cannabis seeds for you to choose from. We ensure that our feminized seeds are the best in quality and are easy to grow yourself. 

Three steps to successfully grow feminized cannabis seeds indoors

  • Make Lots of Room: You need to make sure that there is enough room for your plant to grow properly. Once the feminized cannabis seeds are planted, if the growth will be large, it might not be the best option to just sit it on a countertop. The plant might need more room to branch out, so ensure that the space you choose is large enough for your great yield. 
  • Basic Growth Principles: This is just the basic of any plant growth: light, air, and water. 
    • Light: For a happy, healthy plant, your cannabis seeds needs 12 hours of light per 24-hour period. Just leave a timed lamp near your plant in order to ensure that it receives its full 12 hours of light per day to keep it healthy and growing. 
    • Air: Your plants need a constant flow of fresh moving air. We encourage you to get a fresh air intake and fan to help keep the air circulated around your plant. If the air remains stagnant around the plant, it has a chance of molding and weak growth. 
    • Water: Larger plants require more water than smaller ones. If you choose to go big, make sure that the plant is receiving enough water per day. You can always ask one of our team members for the right amount of water for the seeds you purchase.
  • Trichomes Means Time to Harvest: What are trichomes? When you’ve first planted your feminized cannabis seeds, you will have a while before the plant starts to poke through the soil. Once it has, it will start to develop small glands that look like little balls. As the plant matures, they will turn more round into a lollipop shape. Once the lollipop shaped balls turn a milky white, this is when you harvest your plant. 

Are you ready to try your green thumb on our feminized cannabis seeds? Contact one of our expert growers today to help you decide which strain would be best to grow indoors for your specific needs or with any questions you may have. 

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