Growing Tips

Here at Elev8, we want you to get the most out of our products – that’s why we not only provide a quality product, but great advice too, to help you on your way to growing the best plants possible.

How to Germinate Seeds

There are two ways to germinate seeds – the paper towel method or the root cube method (we prefer root cube)


Root Cube Method

  • Soak the cube in PH’d water (5.5-6.5)
  • Place the seed in the hole of the cube and push down about a half inch
  • Check the cubes daily to make sure they are not dried out 
  • Ambient temperature should be around 70-80 °F
  • Don’t use any nutrients as these will burn the seedlings
  • DO NOT use a heat mat. Many times the additional heat will cook the seeds too much.
  • DO NOT use a dome for seeds. Domes should only be used for rooting clones.
  • Pot in a small pot of potting soil after 2-10 days 


Paper Towel Method

  • Take 2 full sized paper towels, fold them twice and soak them in water (tap water works but distilled is better)
  • Place one of the paper towels on a small plate and place the seeds on top
  • Take the second soaked paper towel and place it on top of the seeds 
  • Place a second plate upside down over the top of the seeds to keep the moisture in
  • Put in a warm location but do not use artificial heat
  • Anywhere from 2-10 days later a small tail will pop out of the seeds

How to Sex Cannabis

When germinating feminized seeds, each plant has a 99% chance of being female. When germinating regular seeds, you will likely get both male and female plants. All strains are easy to identify but some will show pre-flowers earlier than others. Once the pre-flowers progress, all plants showing any male pre-flowers can be culled.

Once a root is established, it’s time to pot! But be extremely careful not to break the root. Use a small pot with drainage, or even a plastic cup with holes in the bottom to drain the excess water. Place potting soil in, mix in water to get the soil fully saturated and ready for the seed. Make a hole about a half to a quarter inch deep in the center of the pot. Now very carefully place the seed in with the root facing down. Gently cover with soil but leave the top of the seed barely poking through the top of the soil. Don’t worry about over watering in the beginning until the roots are established. Once the roots are established you can water normally.  Start using quarter to half strength nutrients once leaves start forming. Again, do not use heat pads or humidity domes. 

How to Pot Seeds After Paper Towel Germination

How to
Pick Your
Mother Plant

Each seed varies enough genetically that different phenotypes and degrees of vigor will be expressed. If you wish to find the best plant for the purposes of maintaining a mother plant for clones, make sure you take numbered clippings from each plant a couple weeks before changing to 12/12. If possible, wait until each clipping is rooted prior to 12/12. Somewhere in the flower process, you will notice which plant has the best traits. The clone with the corresponding number can now be used as your mother for future generations. Happy Growing!

It is assumed that most strains can be grown indoors but how can we tell which strains are suitable for outdoor growing? The answer depends on the latitude the plants are grown in because the latitude affects the length of sunlight during the day. The further south the latitude, the longer the flowering season. Generally, anything that flowers in 9 weeks or less can be grown outdoors in most latitudes. The further south the growers latitude is, the more strain options one has due to a longer flowering season. The timing of the rainy season that comes towards the end of flowering in some regions will influence when flowers should be harvested as high humidity can cause bud rot.

Here’s a good tip guide by Leafly for growing in your region

Indoor VS. Outdoor Growing