Dope Magazine November 2015



As Matt – the mad scientist of Mary Jane behind the increasingly flavorful seed options coming out of Elev8 put it “Some people breed strictly for yield. Others cross strains just because. We research the flavor and the high, we read forums and grow reports. When I have the idea that two strains will complement one another well, I try to locate the strains; I want to breed something I’m excited about and I’ll enjoy smoking.”

At Elev8, their seed game is based upon the proper selection of traits to blend the best genetics possible. The team at Elev8 is a three man operation comprised of the aforementioned Matt and his business partners Tom and John. They entered into the cannabis genetics arena after finding it difficult to locate strong genetics, and experiencing too many run-ins with substandard seeds producing a weak end product. Then came their entrance into the science heavy world of pheno-hunting, and the intricate world of recessive and dominant traits of each individual strain. Matt’s first breeding project included cannabis heavyweights Grand Daddy Purple and Shiskaberry. Producing offspring far superior than the original parental units, he took his huge yield and frosty green into the breeding business.


The collection of elite genetics at Elev8 leaves growers with a multitude of options. These include quality options like Strawberry Cough crossed with Sour Diesel, resulting in a whole room smelling of sour strawberries from the appropriately named Strawberry Diesel. By crossing Strawberry Diesel with Shiskaberry (Strawberry Snow Cone), Elev8 produces seeds certain to deliver rare connoisseur quality frost.

One of the latest and greatest strains to spring from the Elev8 gardens is Sour Patch Kiss. This cross of Sour Kush and Kimbo Kush comes complete with eye-popping jar appeal and a loud as hell odor pouring off every piece of this primo plant specimen. A staple of their genetics is Blackberry Dream – a cross of the award-winning Kimbo Kush from Exotic Genetix and Super Silver Haze. By injecting some sativa into the equation, the end result is an effect Matt describes as “euphoric and almost opiate like…unlike anything I’ve smoked before.”


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