• Natural Protein: Many nutritionists have claimed that medical marijuana seeds are a good source of protein. Plant-based proteins may also be easier for some to digest compared to animal protein. You could take your protein in the morning by adding the marijuana seeds to your smoothie or breakfast cereal.
  • Weight Loss: Since medical marijuana seeds are so full of vitamins and proteins, researchers have found that marijuana seeds can be a good way to lose weight. They are nutrient-rich in Vitamin E, minerals such as potassium, calcium, and iron, and protein. These are all vital nutrients that our bodies need.  
  • Omega Content: Medical marijuana seeds can also be high in omega acids, potentially making them a great seed for your heart. The omega acids may also help reduce inflammation around your joints, also providing some pain relief.

How to eat medical marijuana seeds

Unlike sunflower seeds, marijuana seeds might not taste the greatest consumed by themselves. You can roast them and add them to your favorite bag of chips or popcorn. You can also use them as a spice while cooking and leave in your food. They go well with quinoa, yogurt, salads, and protein shakes. Just like peanuts and almonds, you can also ground them up and use the marijuana seeds as flour for your favorite baking recipe.

Where can I buy quality medical marijuana seeds?

Elev8 Seeds is a seed bank that is dedicated to creating quality medical marijuana seeds. You can choose to either purchase the seeds for growing or for consuming: the choice is yours.

If you want to begin seeing some of the many benefits of using medical marijuana seeds, contact our growers at Elev8 Seeds and let us help you start seeing the possible benefits.